The No Kill Advocacy Center—in partnership with the George Washington University Law School and No Kill Nation—started putting on the national No Kill Conference in Washington, D.C. several years ago, in order to fill a gap in the safety net. We had introduced speakers that the movement did not value even though they were the most successful shelter directors and advocates in the country, we dovetailed sheltering and law in order to move the movement toward sustainability, and we offered concrete tools for people to be successful based on truly innovative practices in shelter law, shelter operations, shelter medicine, and advocacy that others ignored. Given its now proven success, the other national groups sent teams to our conference and adopted our methods, rebranded our workshops, and recruited our speakers. We are thrilled as that is exactly what we had hoped would happen; that our approach would move the animal protection movement away from making excuses for the killing towards arming shelters, rescuers and animal lovers with the tools they need to end it.

But since workshops that we asked speakers to give are now offered at other conferences, speakers who were anonymous when we started are now speaking elsewhere, and approaches that we pioneered are becoming mainstream, we are once again going in a new direction. Our approach has always been to move the needle on saving lives forward and upward, not simply offer what can be found elsewhere. Success and greater lifesaving depend upon innovation and at the No Kill Advocacy Center, we remain committed to that goal.

In addition, this year we learned a valuable lesson. In 2012, the No Kill Conference brought together about 900 people from 44 states and 10 nations. Other national conferences also bring in about 1,000 – 1,500 people. But this year, our director brought the message to your community, visiting cities across the country as part of my “No Kill Is Love” national tour, including those where the No Kill message is needed most, reaching over 5,000 people.

For these reasons, rather than have one national conference and ask 1,000 people to come to us, we are coming to you in order to reach five times that amount and to do so with information you will not find anywhere else. In 2015, rather than ask you to travel across the county, we’ll do the traveling with a series of day long events that not only give you the content you need to be successful, but will leave you with the tools to guide you in the years to come, including a manual that will allow shelters and rescue groups to assess themselves in order to ensure they are effective and efficient.

Today, you can spend thousands or tens of thousands to hire a consultant to assess and guide you. But while the reports they provide may seem geared specifically to a shelter, after listing specific facts about a shelter or community, the recommendations themselves—the core of the report—are always the same: “schedule appointments for animal surrender,” “create bilingual marketing on how and where to find lost pets,” “ensure clear, timely and proactive communication with all rescue groups,” and “expand number of licensed veterinary technicians on staff.” Why spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on consultants for boilerplate recommendations when you could do a self-assessment, implement best practices which are modified as needed, and then use that money to actually implement the changes that will allow you to save more lives? With our ongoing commitment to arm local shelters, rescue groups, and advocacy organizations, we’ll show you how to DIY with our own guide which will be given to everyone who attends our newly revamped and re-amped No Kill Conferences.

In the new year, the No Kill Advocacy Center—once again in partnership with No Kill Nation—will post a schedule of the upcoming regional mini-conferences—coming to a city near you—which will pack a weekend’s worth of learning into just one day, leaving you energized and motivated to save more lives, all without breaking the bank.


The No Kill revolution is ON THE MARCH. Join us as we celebrate that achievement and teach you how to do the same. Drawing over 800 people from 44 states and 10 nations, last year’s No Kill Conference was the sold out, must attend event of the year. And we’re doing it again!

“The best conference I have ever attended.”


“All animal control agencies, non-profits, rescue groups and private citizen who are concerned about animal welfare in the shelter system should attend this conference, for all of them will learn how they can help to save lives of animals. I especially encourage animal control agencies to attend. I think many of them would be surprised at how much they could learn, and how they could have a positive impact on the lives of the animals in their care.”

“I expected to learn something new, but never anticipated walking away from a conference with such an incredible education. I expected it to be good, but it far exceeded my expectations.”

“I came a skeptic, and left a true believer.”

How do you build a No Kill community? How do you get animal control, the health department and other government agencies to embrace it? How do you include feral cats in your community’s lifesaving protection? And what about those big black dogs, shy cats and other “compromised” animals with impediments to adoption – can good homes be found for them too? Come to the conference that has been called “a prerequisite for rescue groups and organizations that are serious about changing their communities to No Kill.”

You’ll get practical answers to end the killing of pets in your community including finding homes for dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals most shelters currently consider unadoptable. Not in ten years, not in five years, but now – because Animals Deserve Our Protection Today!

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