The shelter in my community is a kill shelter. What can I do to help?

The No Kill Equation is the only model that has been successful in creating a No Kill community. As a result, No Kill will only be achieved when shelters fully and comprehensively implement the programs and services of the No Kill Equation. But when shelter directors refuse to do so willingly, we must force them to do so, or force them aside. Use our No Kill advocate’s toolkit by clicking here.

I want to start my own No Kill shelter or group. What do I do?

There are many resources on how to start a non-profit organization. To get started, visit or click here.

I have a pet I no longer want or have found an animal that needs help.

To find a No Kill shelter, you can do an internet search. Please keep in mind that some shelters call themselves No Kill but may be killing sick, injured or behaviorally challenged animals since they have not fully implemented the programs and services of the No Kill Equation. You should consult our Matrix to determine what injuries and illnesses are savable and ask the local shelter if they will treat those. You should also try to find the animal a home. A guide to do so is provided by clicking here.

I am a student and need information for a school project. Where can I find that information?

Information about the No Kill philosophy, programs, and the current state of animal sheltering in the United States is available throughout our website. We also recommend reading Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America, which has been described as “the best informed overview of animal sheltering ever written.”

How can I find a job in the No Kill movement?

Although we are not currently hiring and do not keep resumes on file, many shelter jobs around the country are available, and the importance of having No Kill advocates in those positions cannot be overstated. Check out Opportunity Nocs or do a google search for No Kill shelter jobs.

My dog is the subject of a Dangerous Dog hearing. What should I do?

Learn what to do by clicking here.

Our group needs funding. Do you know of any animal welfare grants?

You can find resources for animal welfare grants through Google or other search engine on the internet.

Is there a No Kill shelter in my area? How do I know if it is really No Kill?

You can find a local No Kill shelter through Google. Please keep in mind that as a result of public pressure, some shelters are adopting the language of No Kill but not the programs and services which save lives. As a result, they may call themselves No Kill but may be killing as they have always done, but unfairly reclassifying the animals as “unadoptable.” Or, they may have a narrow, overly restrictive definition of “adoptable” which condemns too many animals to death. To determine whether your local shelter is truly No Kill, we have created a matrix of those illnesses and injuries which would fall under savable animals. You can find the matrix by clicking here. In addition, upwards of 99% of all animals entering shelters are savable. You should therefore ask them for their statistics but if they refuse to provide them, they should be available through a state public records act or freedom of information law request. But a good rule of thumb is that if they refuse to provide them, they probably have something to hide. But keep in mind the following regarding statistics and terms: 90% or better does not necessarily constitute No Kill and the term can obscure as much as it illuminates when it comes to specific animals and other species of shelter animals who may be outside the safety net of care.

Can I link to the No Kill Advocacy Center website from my website or repost one of your articles?

Yes. You are free to repost as long as you state it is from the No Kill Advocacy Center. (Please note that this does not apply to articles on our director’s personal blog or his books. For more information, visit

My animals were seized by animal control. What are my options?

You need to get an attorney. If you cannot afford one, you need to find a local legal aid office or public defender. An attorney can file an emergency restraining order to prevent them from being killed. You need to also alert the media to try and bring public scrutiny to the needless killing.

If your question is not answered in our FAQs, please click here to contact us. Please note: Our focus is exclusively on institutional reform of shelters in the United States.