The No Kill Advocacy Center was founded in 2004 by Nathan Winograd. Nathan had created the nation’s first—and at the time, only—full-service No Kill community, saving not only dogs and cats, including all community cats, but rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, horses, and others. There were no other national organizations exclusively dedicated to creation of a No Kill nation and certainly none with staff who had experience creating No Kill communities.

In 2005, when the No Kill Advocacy Center held its first No Kill conference, less than two dozen people attended. In 2012, our now annual event sold out at 860. In 2005, there was one No Kill community—the one created by Nathan. In 2013, hundreds of cities and towns across America have save rates better than 90% and as high as 99% using our No Kill Equation model of sheltering. In 2005, we talked about the goal of saving at least 90%. In 2012, we weren’t satisfied with 98% as we explored what’s possible when we reach higher.

Moreover, the No Kill Advocacy Center’s influence is not only increasing, it is widening. Almost half of all attendees at the No Kill Conference (46%) came from shelters, including many municipal facilities subject to public acrimony over high rates of killing. They are increasingly looking to the No Kill Advocacy Center, and not traditional national organizations, because while we offer condemnation when it is deserved, we also offer solutions and assistance. If shelters want to save lives, they do not want antiquated dogmas which represent the past. And that can only mean good things as we collectively move toward our inevitable No Kill future.


About Nathan

Nathan J. Winograd is the Director of the national No Kill Advocacy Center. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School, a former criminal prosecutor and attorney, held a variety of leadership positions including director of operations for the San Francisco SPCA and executive director of the Tompkins County SPCA, two of the most successful shelters in the nation. He has spoken nationally and internationally on animal sheltering issues, has written animal protection legislation at the state and national level, has created successful No Kill programs in both urban and rural communities, and has consulted with a wide range of animal protection groups including some of the largest and best known in the nation. Nathan is executive producer of a feature length documentary on the No Kill movement and the author of four books, Redemption, Irreconcilable Differences, All American Vegan, and Friendly Fire. Redemption won five national book awards and redefined the animal protection movement in the United States.

“Millions of healthy animals are [killed] in shelters every year. Nathan Winograd wants that reduced to zero… Winograd is helping to save thousands, even millions.” – Reader’s Digest.

“ ‘In 2003, the Tompkins County SPCA saved 100% of all healthy, friendly dogs and cats, 100% of treatable sick and injured animals, and 100% of feral cats. Overall, 93% of dogs and cats were saved’…. This amazing result was accomplished by an “open-door” agency that also contracts to perform animal control. Credit for saving so many cat and dog lives rests squarely on the shoulders of Nathan Winograd.” – Maddie’s Fund.

“The world owes much to those rare individuals who see things differently – and who then devote themselves to vindicating their maverick conclusions.” – The Bark.

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Please note: There are other organizations that use the principles and ideas of the No Kill Advocacy Center, such as No Kill Nation, No Kill Revolution and others. While we encourage and welcome them, neither we nor Nathan are affiliated with them. There has been a lot of confusion on this issue.